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I'm Natalia

I am mother, wife, daughter and sister.  I was born in Costa Rica and grew up in the San Francisco Bay.  I now serve the LA Metro area by way of San Diego and NYC!  I live in Pasadena with my wife and our wonderful five year old.  Giving birth and becoming a parent transformed my entire being.  I left a 20-year TV career to become a birth worker because I want to support parents through their own amazing journey into parenthood.  I am a Birthing from Within® trained Childbirth Educator and an apprentice under award winning, childbirth educator and author, Britta Bushnell, PhD.  My deepest desire is to support and honor not only the birth of new babies, but the birth of new parents.

I am an advocate for reproductive justice and I’m committed to providing a safe space for all types of soon-to-be parents. I offer a place where you can exhale, engage with your fears, explore your vulnerabilities and awaken your inner wisdom as you enter the unknown territories of birth and parenthood.

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