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The Heroic Journey of Birth

A Birthing Prep Class

This is not just a basics of birth class.  Here you're invited to openly explore your notions, emotions and beliefs about birth, postpartum and parenthood.  You're invited to fiercely face the intensity and the unknown of birth and parenting and walk away feeling confident and prepared in the choices that lie ahead.  This class is offered privately or in an intimate group setting.

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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to birth prep?

Do you want to feel confident about your labor, birth and parenting choices?

Do you want to learn and practice how to give and receive support in labor and beyond?

Do you want to feel more connected to your birth experience, your baby and your partner?

In a culture obsessed with birth outcomes, we often forget about the journeys that take place before and after birth.  Birth gives way for a monumental shift in the bodies and minds of parents.  Our brain matter physically changes during and after pregnancy- the partner’s too!  This class is based on the Birthing From Within® philosophy and inspired by Transformed by Birth by Britta Bushnell.  Here, birth is much more than a medical event, it's one of life's biggest rites of passage. One of the goals of this class is to prepare you for any birth outcome. But more importantly, here we will cultivate awareness in not only the physiological changes, but also in the emotional and psychological transformations that take place in the birthing person, their partners and/or closest support persons.

Through the use of minimal lecture and lots of storytelling, metaphors and group engagement, the class includes:

  • The physiology and key hormones of labor.

  • Caesarean birth.

  • Hands-on support practice and laboring positions as well as working on partner connection and support through discomfort and difficulty.

  • You'll learn how to communicate with your provider and make decisions during labor.

  • How to navigate unexpected or unwished for situations.

  • And delve into what postpartum preparation looks like.  

Pregnant Woman

In this class you will...


Recognize your cultural and personal views, assumptions and fears about birth.


Learn practical information about giving birth.


Explore your inner wisdom and knowing as you prepare for birth and parenting.


Practice a variety of proven pain coping techniques for birth and beyond.



I'm Natalia

I am mother, wife, daughter and sister.  I was born in Costa Rica and grew up in the San Francisco Bay.  I now serve the LA Metro area by way of San Diego and NYC!  I live in Pasadena with my wife and our hilarious little boy.  Giving birth and becoming a parent transformed my entire being.  I left a 20-year TV career to become a birth worker because I want to support parents through their own amazing journey into parenthood.  I am a Birthing from Within® trained Childbirth Educator and an apprentice under award winning, childbirth educator and author, Britta Bushnell, PhD.  My deepest desire is to support and honor not only the birth of new babies, but the birth of new parents.

I am an advocate for reproductive justice and I’m committed to providing a safe space for all types of soon-to-be parents. I offer a place where you can exhale, engage with your fears, explore your vulnerabilities and awaken your inner wisdom as you enter the unknown territories of birth and parenthood.

Upcoming Classes


July 24th & July 31st: Two Saturdays

10am- 12pm and 1:30pm-3:30pm (PST) each day 

Attendance required in all sessions.

September 4th & Sept 11th: Two Saturdays


Cost for online group classes is $250 per couple

Private classes offered, please inquire below.

All classes are currently held virtually until it's safe

to resume in- person learning.

10am- 12pm and 1:30pm-3:30pm (PST) each day 

Attendance required in all sessions.

More class dates coming soon!

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